Changes to the Rental Tenancy Act (RTA), predicted to come into action March 29th, 2021 will mandate the servicing of all gas appliances and fittings within rental properties. Gas servicing providers must adhere to the specific requirements outlined by the RTA to ensure full protection of tenants, landlords, and real estates.  

Melbourne Gas Group have a thorough understanding of the RTA and offer a comprehensive gas service which covers all newly drafted requirements. 

Our gas technicians follow strict servicing protocols and ensure prompt communication with property managers and landlords from site to advise of any necessary further works. Our technicians will make sure real estates and landlords are involved in every step of the process. 

We offer the best price guarantee on all necessary works and/or replacements of appliances and gas lines. 

All Melbourne Gas Group works come with a certificate of compliance governed by the Victorian Builders Authority.