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It always seems that things require replacement at the worst possible time! 

The team at Melbourne Gas Group understands that when a new heating or cooling system is needed, it can be costly and, at times, stressful. Because of this, we have many options available to suit all needs, wants, expectations, and all budgets. As well as professional advice to help you along the way. 

From a simple gas ducted heater replacement to the complete supply and installation of a refrigerated ducted reverse cycle split system. We have the expertise, resources, and people to deliver this. Furthermore, we can design the entire heating and cooling system for you.

With direct ties into most leading heating and cooling manufacturers, we have the ability to offer competitive pricing whilst still providing compliant quality installations. 

Furthermore, Melbourne Gas Group can offer extended
manufacture warranties on selected products at no additional costings – Inquiry today to find out!

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What types of air conditioners and heaters does Melbourne Gas Group supply & install?

With extensive expertise in this industry, we have serviced, maintained, and installed all types of heating and cooling systems as well as developed many relations with wholesalers and manufacturers. 

In addition, our technicians undergo continuous training with manufacturers to continue to develop their skills and keep up-to-date with new products and functions. 

The heating and cooling industry is now well and truly in the tech world. Gone are the days of just turning your heating and cooling system on and hoping it provides sufficient heating throughout the entire home. Now, from your phone, you can control the climate throughout every room in your house and have fan control in certain areas. This not only provides excellent comfort but also ensures efficiency with the system. 

If you require a new heating and cooling product, let MGG handle the entire installation from start to finish for ultimate comfort. 

Types of Air Conditioning & Heating Systems For Your Property

  • Split system
  • Ducted refrigeration split system 
  • Gas ducted heaters 
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Ceiling cassette
  • Gas space heaters
  • Gas wall furnaces

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How does Melbourne Gas Group determine the best air conditioning or heating unit for your property?

When the time comes that you require an upgrade on your heating and cooling system, we take into consideration many factors to ensure that we are providing the best solution for you. 

An inquiry will prompt someone to reach out to you and either arrange a time to attend to your property or organise a phone consultant. During these encounters, the representative will ask questions to determine your wants, needs, expectations, plans with the property, and budget. We will then provide you with the best heating & cooling solution based on these factors. 


Air Conditioning & Heating Servicing

The service does not stop with the supply or installation of your new heating and cooling system. In addition, we also offer servicing programs to ensure your system never skips a beat and performs all year round.

The servicing of your appliance is not required by law. However, to ensure efficiency, correct operation, and keep warranties in check, it is recommended that servicing is completed every two years.  

The servicing program has no subscription or hidden costs. Once your new heating and cooling product has been installed, it will be entered into our internal database. Every two years, a staff member will reach out to you to advise your system is due for service. You can simply accept or decline the offer. The servicing fees will be stipulated prior, and you can have the choice of when the service takes place with our scheduling program.

What our clients say

Air Conditioning & Heating Brands We Specialise in:

Although we work with all heating and cooling brands, we have our preference in what brands we put forward to supply and install. 

We have two preferred brands that we install, and these have been chosen due to certain factors. 

The aftercare that a manufacturer provides with their product is crucial for us and is the pivot point on what we choose to install. We believe obtaining competitive pricing on some brands and installing them is pointless if the manufacturing aftercare is substandard or not of good quality. 

If we install a product/brand, and back it, we want to know that should a manufacturing issue arise, we have their full support to address the problem as a matter of urgency. At the end of the day, its our brand, MGG, tied into these manufacturers’ brands. A level of trust is needed between the manufacturer and the installers. Companies that supply and install heating and cooling products want reassurance that should something go wrong with a product, we have the manufactures full support to rectify. In the same way, the manufacturers expect their products to be installed as per the installation manuals. We pride ourselves on installing all products as per the installation manual and Australian standards. Because of this, we rarely run into any complications with the products we install. 

Installation 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, qualified plumbers are required to install these products.

No, we only install the units that we supply and design. This is to ensure the quality, reliability and warranty is in line with our core company values.

The staff member will work through a series of questions with you to determine this. 

No, as we have a large network of staff and subcontractors, we have technicians for all types of systems and brands.

Yes, we can. We install many products in offices, restaurants and commercial dwellings.