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Just like a motor vehicle, gas appliances are required to be serviced and maintained regularly.  The servicing of your gas appliance will not only prolong the life expectancy but will also ensure its operating correctly and safely. Unmaintained gas appliances will not operate correctly and consume more gas than required, which will increase running costs. In addition, it’s not uncommon for gas appliances/components to have re-calls. The attending gas fitters are required to identify these re-calls during a service, and then arrange for these to be addressed by the manufacturer/correct personnel. 

Gas fitters who have a true and genuine passion for this industry will follow and implement procedures when a new recall is announced by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission- Product Safety Australia- Click here to see some recent re-calls   

Melbourne Gas Group are the leaders when it comes to the servicing of your gas appliances. Our state-of-the-art systems and processes ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive service available on the market. 

We use high-tech workflows and applications that ensure all our gas fitters are servicing to the same standard and that no stone is left unturned to ensure you and your family’s safety. 

At the end of each gas service, our clients will receive a PDF job report, with accompanying media. These job reports will display the entire service from start to finish. It will show components pulled apart, worked on, cleaned, and so forth. This way, you the consumer, can have peace of mind knowing you have received a thorough service and inspection on your appliance. 

Furthermore, once Melbourne Gas Group has serviced your gas appliance, you will automatically be put into our scheduled servicing program, which automatically sends you a notification when your gas appliances are due for service again. 

There are no lock-in contracts- you simply accept or decline to offer.

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Keep your gas appliances running smoothly with our professional gas appliance servicing in Melbourne.

Our experienced technicians will inspect, clean and service your appliances to make sure they are safe and efficient. Contact us today to book an appointment!


How often should you service your gas appliances and heaters?

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that all gas appliances be serviced at least every two years for owner-occupied properties. 

For rental properties in Victoria, it is a legal requirement that all gas appliances are tested and serviced every two years. A domestic rental property cannot legally be occupied without proof and certification from a licensed type A servicing gas fitter proving that all gas appliances have been tested and serviced. Owner’s/real estate agencies who fail to abide by these requirements are not only letting their tenants live with potentially dangerous gas appliances but can also receive significant fines and penalties.  Click here to view the Consumer Affairs Victoria- Penalties- renting page. 

Gas appliances have specific requirements on how they must operate to ensure correct combustion and that safe levels of carbon monoxide are being produced and treated. In addition, correct operation and combustion will ensure the maximum efficiency of the system, which will decrease the running cost. 

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What type of gas appliances does Melbourne Gas Group service?

Melbourne Gas Group has a colossal amount of experience in this industry. We have gas fitters who have been working with gas for 50+ years, down to young apprentices who are beginning their careers in the gas industry. Given our company’s broad range of experience, there isn’t much we have not come across. 

We are lucky enough to have some very experienced ex-gas and fuel plumbers, down to young, vibrant new gas apprentices. Together, with the old heads, and young tech brains, we have the ultimate team to tackle any obstacle we encounter.

Commonly serviced gas appliances & heaters

  • Gas ducted heater
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas cooking appliances
  • Gas space heaters
  • Gas wall furnaces
  • Gas BBQ’s
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Do you need a licensed gas plumber & fitter to complete your appliance or heater servicing?

Unknown to many consumers, not all plumbers can legally service gas appliances. 

The servicing of a gas appliance is a specialised class of plumbing that you do not obtain at the end of a plumbing apprenticeship. For a plumber to complete gas service works, they must complete an Australian apprenticeship and then complete further schooling. Once the schooling is complete, they must attend the Victorian Builders Authority office in Docklands for a practical and theory exam.

Given the high demand for plumbers to obtain this additional accreditation, this is quite a slow and lengthy process. Because of this, there are many plumbers completing gas service work unqualified. They may in fact know what they are doing, and be competent, but if they have not successfully obtained the accreditation from the VBA, they cannot complete this work, do not have insurance, and you, the consumer, are in a jeopardised position. 

Even the most experienced gas fitters can make mistakes. You want to ensure that you engage the correct company/person when servicing your gas appliances so you are protected should there be complications.

To protect the consumer, the VBA has created a database online, where anyone can search a plumber’s name to ensure they have the correct accreditation to be working in that field. You simply enter their name, and a list of their accreditations will appear.
Click here to view the database

Below is an example of the accreditation required to complete service work


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What our clients say

Gas appliances & heater brands Melbourne Gas Group services

Melbourne Gas Group work on all gas heating brands. The most common brands found in Victorian homes are:

  • Brivis
  • Braemar
  • Bonaire
  • Rinnai
  • Omega 
  • Heat n Glo
  • Archer

Frequently Asked Questions

No, all gas-burning appliances should be serviced.

For gas ducted heaters, we recommend that the return air be cleaned monthly to prevent debris from entering the system.

$220-$350 is the average cost for servicing gas appliances.