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Melbourne Gas Group is your first point of contact when it comes to supplying and installing your new gas appliances or hot water systems. With direct ties into most leading manufacturers, we not only have great buying power but also have the ability to offer extended warranties, cash-back promotions and so forth. Furthermore, all staff at MGG have undergone leading manufacturing training to ensure products are being installed, commissioned and maintained correctly. 

We can appreciate that when you are having issues with your appliances that this can be a stressful & frustrating time. MGG always endeavours to ensure the process of having a new appliance installed is smooth, prompt and professional. In addition, we store a huge range of hot water units, gas heating and cooking appliances to minimise downtime of essential services. 

From a simple phone call, we can have you back up and running with minimal hassle in no time!

Get your gas appliance and hot water installations done right with our experienced team in Melbourne.

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Is your home prepared for a new gas appliance or hot water system?

Compliance, compliance, compliance.

Melbourne Gas Group holds compliance in extremely high regard. All our appliance installations are carried out to Australian standards and are governed by the Victorian Builders Authority and Energy Safe Victoria regulations. During the quotation process, should non-compliance components be identified at your property, these will be brought up and discussed prior to any work taking place. This way you can have peace of mind knowing there will be no hidden or additional charges.

Furthermore, all installations completed by MGG come with a 6-year workmanship guarantee and are backed with a certificate of compliance. In addition, we offer PDF job reports showing all aspects of the installation from start to finish. We have nothing to hide, only quality and compliant work to showcase. Our transparency approach to such works offers peace of mind to the consumer knowing that they will be able to view the entire installation upon completion.

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What gas appliance installations does Melbourne Gas Group specialise in ?

With 15+ years of experience working within the plumbing industry as well as our founders being third-generation plumbers, we have the experience and expertise to offer practical, feasible & best-practice solutions to all appliances.

We supply and install all makes, models and varieties of appliances available on the market. 

Commonly installed gas appliances

  • Gas ducted heating
  • Hot water systems
  • Cooking appliances
  • Wall furnaces
  • Space heaters

Each time MGG installs a gas appliance, the job card and data are checked over by a qualified technician in our office before being processed by the Victorian Builders Authority. This means that even though the works have been completed and passed onsite, they must also pass an extra layer of review before being certified. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing that we have processes to safeguard the installations and ensure compliance against their property.


What type of hot water installations can Melbourne Gas Group assist with?

As the cost of living continues to climb, Victorians need to consider ways to reduce their outgoings and keep expenses down. Upgrading your hot water system is a very clever way to do this!

Many years ago, there wasn’t much other than a standard gas and electric storage hot water system available on the market. Nowadays, there are endless hot water solutions to meet all types of budgets and expectations!

Hot water unit manufacturers and engineers worldwide have used endless resources to develop new ways to produce hot water whilst keeping running costs down. 

Melbourne Gas Group supplies and installs all types of hot water solutions. From standard storage hot water systems, solar powered hot water units to heat pump refrigeration systems, we offer it all!

Should you require assistance with a new hot water system, please get in contact with us today, and we can advise you on your options and what’s most practical for your property. 

What our clients say

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a plumber to install a gas stove, they must hold a minimum registration in that class. This is governed by the Victorian Builders Authority.

Typically speaking, type A gas appliances are gas appliances installed within domestic dwellings, and type B are commonly found within commercial dwellings. Type B gas appliances will have a much larger Mj/h gas consumption in comparison to a type A gas appliances.

Gas plumbers will not physically install the gas meter, as this is completed by the gas provider. However, a gas plumber will be required to certify the gas fitting line that the gas meter is to be connected to. Once the gas provider has received certification from the plumber, then the installation of the gas meter can take place.

All gas appliances, fittings, and components have strict installation requirements. The Australian gas standard for installations is the AS5601 regulation. In addition to these installation standards, manufacturers also stipulate installation requirements for compliance. Should there ever be a discrepancy between the Australia AS5601 standards and the manufacturer’s installation instructions, the manufacturer’s installation requirements will take precedence over the AS5601

Once MGG has had the honour of installing your gas appliances, the amazing service does not stop there. MGG will automatically add you to our service program. Every two years, you will be contacted to advise you that your appliance is due for service. Should you wish to progress with the required service, a staff member will work in with you to work out a suitable time to fit your schedule.

Energy Safe Victoria recommends that all gas-burning appliances are serviced at a minimum every two years. This is not only to ensure the correct and safe operation of that appliance but also to comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Failure to complete regular servicing of your gas appliances can lead to warranties being void by the manufacturers.

This is specific to each gas appliance, setting, environment, and other restraints. Such information is based on a case-by-case bases.