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Unknown to most, gas fitting is a specialised class of plumbing that not all plumbers can carry out. For a general plumber to complete certain gas works, they must undergo additional schooling and training, irrespective of a standard Australian plumbing apprenticeship.

Melbourne Gas Group are gas plumbing specialists and hold all the additional accreditations to trade in this area on all levels. Furthermore, Melbourne Gas Group has had the opportunity to have in-house training with most leading heating and cooling brands, so you can rest assured knowing you have called the experts in this area. 

Choosing the correct plumber to complete work is paramount to the consumer and general community. It can be the difference between life and death. 

Suppose a plumber completes a class of plumbing that they are not accredited in. Not only is the consumer at risk due to incompetency, but the plumber’s insurance will be void. For argument’s sake, should a house fire occur due to works completed by a plumber, and they do not hold the correct accreditation for the works carried out, the plumber does not have insurance, nor will the consumer. 

To put it into perspective, it’s essentially the same as a bricklayer completing electrical works. 

You can always check what accreditations a plumber holds by either inputting their accreditation number or name into this search engine. VBA Etoolbox

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What types of gas plumbing and fitting services does MGG specialise in?

Gas plumbing can vary from installing gas pipework all the way up to changing major components in gas appliances. The installation of gas pipework is the basic part of gas fitting, whereas the replacement, maintenance and servicing of gas appliances is where it becomes more specialised and challenging.


  • Installation of gas plumbing pipework and fittings
  • Repairs and maintenance of existing gas pipework and fittings.
  • Installation of gas appliances
  • Repairs, maintenance and servicing of gas appliances
  • Replacement of major gas components within gas appliances
  • Carbon monoxide testing and detection
  • Diagnostic service work on faulty appliances.

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How do you know if you need a gas plumber?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the plumbing industry is that all plumbers are the same, which is not the case. Consumers will obtain a much better outcome to their plumbing issues if they engage plumbers that specialise in the class of plumbing.

A plumber who only completes gas work will have specialised tools and equipment to help with the work at hand. They will carry a larger variety of equipment and materials specialised to gas plumbing. 

For example, at the start of each winter, the Melbourne Gas Group fleet is supplied with the most common parts for gas appliances. The fleet is then re-stocked on a weekly basis as common items are used. This means should we be attending a property for a faulty gas appliance, there is a good chance we will have the stock in our vehicles. Whereas should a plumber who does not specialise in gas works attend, they may need to travel to the suppliers to obtain the required parts, whilst the consumer is charged for this down-time. 


What our clients say

What do you do if you suspect a gas leak prior to a gas plumber diagnosing and fixing the leak?

If you suspect that you have a gas leak, the first point of action is to always try and isolate the hazard. This means either shutting the gas down to the entire property or to that specific appliance if it is fitted with an isolation valve. It is advised to then open doors and windows to allow for fresh air.

If you still believe there is a gas leak present even after the above has been completed, it is advised to exit the building and have the situation escalated. Gas leaks, small or large, have the potential to cause house fires or death.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gas fitting is a specialised class of plumbing that not all plumbers can offer.

This is specific to each job. Certain jobs warrant a certificate upon completion.

Yes. This job fits within a gas plumbers set of skills.

Yes, you will obtain a much better outcome if you engage a specialised gas fitter.

Yes, a fee will be applied as we will need to complete specialised testing and diagnostic work to determine if there is a leak, and what the cause is.

No. Under no circumstances can a consumer complete gas works in Victoria other than changing over a gas BBQ bottle.

A gas plumber can assist with the re-location of a gas meter. This is a two-part installation. The gas plumber must work in with the gas provider as well as provide certification prior to these works commencing. Failure to coordinate can result in no gas to the property, the gas provider voiding the re-location claim or other further issues.

Yes, the plumber must hold a valid gas plumbing ticket to complete the disconnection of a gas stove.

General plumbers cannot install gas lines unless they hold the correct accreditation to do so.