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Effective as of March 2021, it was law for all rental properties in Victoria to have a gas safety inspection carried out bi-annually. These inspections have been implemented to ensure that the gas appliances and gas fitting lines are compliant, safe, and operating as intended. 

Melbourne Gas Group offers comprehensive and user-friendly gas RTA inspections. Our high levels of communication between all stakeholders ensure these checks are carried out with minimal disruption. Should non-compliance or faults be identified, we offer fast practical, and feasible solutions. We understand these properties are investments, so we always act in the property owner’s best interest when providing solutions to identified issues. 

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Get your gas RTA inspections done right in Victoria with our expert team. We will make sure everything is up to code and safe for use.

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Why are Gas RTA inspections needed in Victoria?

The recent changes to the Residential tenancy act now mean that property owners/property managers must engage qualified gas fitters and electricians to complete electrical and gas inspections every two years (bi-annually). Smoke alarm inspections are still required to be checked and serviced once yearly by a smoke alarm technician. 

Property owners (landlords) and real estate agencies who fail to abide by these requirements can receive significant fines and penalties.  Click here to view the Consumer Affairs Victoria- Penalties- renting page. 

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Can any plumber complete an RTA inspection?

The changes to the Residential Tenancy Act have spiked an increase in plumbers completing gas service works. This is due to the high demand of work. However, not all plumbers have the correct accreditation to conduct these checks. For a plumber to complete an RTA gas inspection, they must hold “Type A appliance servicing work” accreditation. 

This is quite a niche accreditation and is not something that plumbers are granted at the end of their apprenticeship. For a plumber to complete gas service works, they must conduct further schooling irrespective of their standard apprenticeship. Given the high demand for plumbers to obtain this additional accreditation, this is a slow and lengthy process. Because of this, there are many plumbers completing gas service work with incorrect accreditation.

Unknown to the consumer, if the gas fitter completing these works does not hold this accreditation, the inspection is non-compliant and will not suffice the requirements set by the RTA. 

To protect the consumer, the VBA has created a database online, where anyone can search a plumber’s name to ensure they have the correct accreditation to work in that field. You simply enter their name, and a list of their accreditations will appear. 

Click here to view the database.

Below is an example of the accreditation required to complete service work


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What does a Gas RTA inspection cover from a technical perspective?

When a technician from Melbourne Gas Group completes a gas inspection, they follow our custom workflows in our app to ensure compliance. This is how we protect and safeguard stakeholders as well as offer consistency throughout the service. 

We have built custom workflows for each gas appliance that cross-references Australian and RTA standards against that specific appliance and installation. Our workflows ensure that no steps are missed and that the servicing of the property is in line with the requirements set by the governing boards. 

Our gas fitters are not only inspecting the appliances but are conducting thorough services on each appliance. In the event non-compliance is identified, our gas fitters will make feasible minor repairs on-site to achieve compliance where applicable.

All checks are carried out and inspected as per the AS5601, AS5475 and RTA standards.

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Should gas RTA inspections be completed at regular intervals?

The RTA gas inspections are to be carried out every two years (bi-annually). If, between services, a gas appliance is replaced, that appliance still must be serviced when the property is due for it’s bi-annual gas RTA inspection. Regardless of the age of an appliance, all appliances and fittings must be checked, tested and serviced every two years. 


Frequently Asked Questions

They affect both the tenant and the landlord. The landlord must have these inspections carried out, and the tenant must allow access.

The property manager and landlord must work together to have these inspections carried out. You as the tenant are required to provide access when required.

This is a new part of the RTA. It will continue to develop and evolve as it collects data. Furthermore, the gas industry is constantly changing. Changes are to be implemented into the servicing structure to ensure compliance.

A gas inspection should cost around $300-$400 per property.